Medical Social Services

When your health is in the rocks, the last thing you need is stress resulting from organizing bills to pay, housework, emotionally dealing with a diagnosis and family issues.  Various situations can trigger such stresses but you need to stay strong.  This may be easier said than done which is why home health care services, as a whole, will involve in one way or another, the participation of a Medical Social Worker.

Medical Social Workers can help you and your family when dealing with the emotional unrest that results from health issues.  They can assist you in various situations such as Health and Disease Education, Family Counseling, Parent Coaching, Individual Counseling, Foster Care Placement or Adoption Assistance, Accessing Community Resources, Grief Counseling, Health Assessment and Recommendations, Health Care Services Acquirement, Hospital Admission, Hospital Discharge Assistance, Memorial Service Arrangements, Bereavement Support, Rehabilitation Guidance and Planning.

You're more than welcome to call in and ask for our help.  During your most difficult moments, we want to be there! Tell us how we can help.  Call 760-242-7009 for assistance.

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